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Plasma Fibroblast

Firstly, Plasma Therapy has nothing to do with the plasma in the blood. This sort of Plasma is the energy emitted from a Plasma probe in the form of a tiny flash. The client has already been numbed with a topical anaesthetic so feels no pain. The heat from the flash penetrates the dermal layer of the skin where it stimulates fibroblast cells to secrete more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid as part of the body's natural healing process.  Delivered in the right way the skin starts to contract, collagen making the skin stronger, elastin making it supple and hyaluronic acid 'plumping' the skin. Over the next few days there is some swelling and inflammation whilst the tiny carbon crusts exfoliate, this is the natural healing response, but over the next 12 weeks the skin remodels, tightening and smoothing redundant skin like that in the eyelids, it can also treat fine lines and wrinkles. Plasma Therapy can remove benign moles, skin tags and warts without cutting or stitches, it can also achieve amazing results with acne scarring and active acne.


No need for surgery,  Planoplas®️Plasma devices guarantee long lasting results FIRST time, EVERY time.


Level 4 OCN Accredited Advanced Plasma Trained.


Planoplas®️  is the only FDA approved pen in the Uk

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